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Below are the belt colours and corresponding grades we use in our dojo. Not all karate styles and dojo use all the same colours and some use them in a different order.

Beginner - ungraded
Kyokyu - 9th kyu
Hachikyu - 8th kyu
Nanakyu - 7th kyu
Rokukyu - 6th kyu
Gokyu - 5th kyu
Yonkyu - 4th kyu
Sankyu - 3rd kyu
Nikyu - 2nd kyu
Ikkyu - 1st kyu
Shodan - 1st dan & above

Grading examinations are held every three months and give students a chance to progress to the next level.

Junior Students (aged 6 - 15)
Younger students require a little more time to develop their skills so they spend 2 grades on the same level. In between colours they receive a black stripe to add to their belt indicating an interim grade.

Senior Students
Students aged 16 years and over will receive a full coloured belt each time they successfully grade indicating a more senior grade.

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