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The Shuri Karate Dojo (formally Kazoku Karate Dojo) has been in existence since 1995. The dojo was first located at the Hillside Primary School in Lower Earley, near Reading, Berkshire and on the opening night there were over 35 new students wanting to learn more about traditional Karate-Do.

The dojo then relocated to the St. Nicolas Church Hall, Sutcliffe Avenue, Earley, in February 1998. At one time there were over 50 students practicing and training. Note: The Dojo is currently relocating.

The dojo is friendly, but traditional and disciplined.

Students range from 6 years (some younger with parents) old up to adults and all enjoy training together. We encourage parents to join in with their children, to make your training a truly family affair.

  Adam Carter is the Chief Instructor at the Shuri Karate Dojo and has been training in Karate-Do for over 40 years. Carter-sensei has always been a very popular instructor with both junior and senior members. He strives to follow the traditional ways as taught in Okinawa and Japan.

The Shuri Karate Dojo is a very friendly and welcoming dojo, I'm sure you will enjoy your Karate training at the Shuri Karate Dojo. The members and instructors are ready to welcome you.

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Sensei Adam Carter with Katana 1998

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