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The name of our Dojo, SHURI KARATE DOJO, is hugely significant within the art of Shorin-Ryu.

Karate, originally developed on the small island of Okinawa, was the birth place of much of the karate we see today.

Sokon Matsumura was born in Yamagawa Village in the small coastal village of SHURI on this infamous island. Many Karate masters of the time originated from this small village and many of its exponents called their system of Karate, SHURI-te (literally - hand of SHURI).

Shuri Castle, Shuri, Okinawa

Shuri Dojo Kanji

Shuri Karate Dojo Kanji

The Shorin-Ryu system contains mostly techniques of SHURI-te and a major part of the Shorin-Ryu system is to first learn the techniques and principles of SHURI-te followed by the kata of the Kojo-Ryu Family System.

Shorin-Ryu is also one of the few styles to maintain the practice of kobudo (Okinawan weaponry).

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