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In any traditional karate dojo, etiquette is of paramount importance, it is essential to observe a few key points to insure that the dojo is a safe environment for people to train in.

If everyone knows what is expected of them, there will be less time wasting during the lessons explaining everything and more time to do what we're all here for: Karate.

Below is the 'basic' dojo etiquette of our dojo.

  • Bow as you enter and leave the Dojo
  • Address the instructor as 'Sensei' or senior as 'Sempai'
  • Ask permission to leave the Dojo when a lesson is in progress
  • If entering a lesson late, sit in seiza at the side of the Dojo and wait to be asked by sensei to join in
  • Bow to Dan grades as they enter the Dojo
  • Students entering the dojo will immediately approach and bow to all blackbelts already in the dojo
  • Keep your finger and toe nails short and clean
  • Take off any jewellery
  • Do not talk when an instructor is talking
  • Cover any open wounds with a waterproof dressing
  • Do your bit to make the Dojo a safe and pleasant place to train

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'Rei' a bow of respect

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