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In the early 20th century karate philosophy was an integral and important part of karate training. The master's of the time such as Itosu, Higaonna, Funakoshi, Mabuni, all were now reciting the 'Dojo Kun' or 'precepts of the training hall'.

The "Go Do Shin" - "The five fold path of Karate-Do", recited at our dojo, are shown below.

  • Shoshin wasureru nakare. (Ishi)
  • Reigi okotaru nakare. (Dotoku)
  • Doryoku okotaru nakare. (Hatten)
  • Jo shiki kakeru nakare. (Joshiki)
  • Wa midasu nakare. (Heiwa)
  • Never forget the spirit of first beginning. (Determination)
  • Never neglect courtesy and etiquette. (Morality)
  • Never neglect effort. (Development)
  • Never lose common sense. (Common sense)
  • Never disturb harmony. (Peace)


The 'Godoshin' pictured here on the right, was brushed for Sensei Adam Carter in 2002, by the wife of Soke Kenzo Mabuni's closest advisor and friend. It is brushed on very thin and delicate paper, hence the creases and marks on the paper. On the return journey from Japan, unfortunately the original frames where damaged and the glass broken. The frames replaced soon after, the 'Godoshin' now hangs pride of place at Sensei Carter's home.


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Godoshin image

Godoshin image

The 'Godoshin'

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