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Students of Karate-do show progress in their art by the colour of the belt they wear (click here to view the colours). Requirements for each belt differ for children and adults. Refer to the student manual for general requirements or ask the instructor.

Each exam/grading fee is set by the governing body and must be paid prior to taking an exam/grading. Students are informed of their eligibility to take their exam/grading in plenty of time. Good attendance, dedication and commitment are as important as technical ability, which is all taken in to consideration by the examiner. Upon passing an exam/grading students will receive a internationally recognised certificate and a belt.

The awarding of belt levels provides students with the sense of achievement and accomplishment. We keep this very much in mind. The length of time for achieving belts can be from two to six months.

Training for these tests enhance the students ability to concentrate, as well as plan for, and triumph over hurdle's.

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