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Traditional Karate is about training in the traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years. Traditional Karate is about the development of the individual's character. This is achieved by on-going repetition of movement developing the body's muscles and the education in Japanese/Okinawan philosophy. The training can be very hard, but with a strong will, spirit and determination, one can not only achieve black belt status, but more importantly "Satori" (enlightenment) of oneself and that which is around us.

You can start Traditional Karate from a very early age and continue to practise until your mid-nineties (as many Okinawan masters do). The ultimate aim is indeed self-enlightenment, and self-development with the emphasis on Kata (forms/patterns). Levels of etiquette, discipline and respect are VERY high and you should be prepared to accept this before commencing training. The traditional styles of Karate originate from Okinawa and Japan.

Seikichi Uehara (right), 96 years old is a karate master, who is also the guardian of a rare karate method, "Mutubu-Udundi." The method was originally created in secret to protect the Royal Family of the Ryukyus.

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